Nicola Reece founded Midshires Rose Veal in 2009 together with Midshires Beef Farmers. Their focus is to rear healthy, tasty and tender veal, utilising the Holstein bull calf, which has become a by product of the dairy industry. By developing new feeding systems Midshires Rose Veal is naturally low in fat with good levels of Omega 3. Midshires Beef farmers ensure every calf is bred with a commitment to their welfare.


Prior to setting up Midshires Rose Veal, Nicola was Director of Farmers Fayre, a Midlands-based retail outlet that prides itself on sourcing local and natural produce. Nicola built the business into an sizeable operation and continues to be involved in its management, with the Farmers Fayre shops and website selling Midshires Rose Veal.


With a Diploma in Agriculture from Moreton Morell Agricultural College, Nicola understands the agricultural industry and the importance of utilising local produce and ensuring animal welfare.






the facts

  • Delicate flavour making it popular with all the family
  • Naturally low in fat, providing a healthier meat
    (It contains less than 2% total fat and only 1% saturated fat)
  • Has a good level of Omega 3
  • Well looked after and bred to the highest standards
  • A British meat being produced in the Midshires
  • Value for money and readily available
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