Midshires farmers are based in the regions of Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Buckinghamshire and Nottinghamshire. Our unique group of producers have joined forces and expertise to produce Midshires Rose Veal. Our selected farmers operate to the highest standards of farming practice
and animal welfare, meeting the requirements of the Quality
Standard Mark.




Midshires Rose Veal was developed to utilise the Holstein bull calf, which had become a by-product of the dairy industry - despite them having a genetically superior meat fat profile. It is estimated that up to two thirds* of bull calves in the UK are currently being disposed of shortly after birth, with just 2,000 reared for veal in this country and the rest exported for the veal trade on the continent.


Midshires Rose Veal has now developed a fully integrated approach to breeding, combining their own feed, which has no modified fats, and the highest welfare standards for all animals. As a result the company can guarantee product consistency, animal welfare and traceability.



home grown
the facts

  • Delicate flavour making it popular with all the family
  • Naturally low in fat, providing a healthier meat
    (It contains less than 2% total fat and only 1% saturated fat)
  • Has a good level of Omega 3
  • Well looked after and bred to the highest standards
  • A British meat being produced in the Midshires
  • Value for money and readily available
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